Notary Public & Notary Services in Lantana

At Eagle Shipping Center, we make things easier and provide an authorized notary public in Lantana. You can complete the legal
requirements before sending the documents to the destination from the same place. This makes posting important documents easier and

What kind of documents need to be notarized?

There are many documents you should notarize before sending them through the mail. Without notarization, the paperwork won’t be legally valid. If you aren’t sure whether your document needs this service, just ask our notary. They will take your requirements into consideration before offering objective advice. The documents mentioned below usually require notarization before they can be shipped: 

  • Trust

  • Wills

  • Deeds

  • Affidavits

  • Contracts

Our center can handle all kinds of legal and important documents. If you have any questions regarding this service or want to know whether your paperwork can be notarized, just give us a call at 561-582-7447

What do you need to do?

While you can walk into our establishment and request the notary’s services, booking an appointment in advance is a good idea. This ensures the professional is available for your requirements. You can easily schedule an appointment by calling us at 561-582-7447. Eagle Shipping Center isn’t as crowded as a USPS office so even if you walk in without arranging an appointment, prompt services are available on the spot. Our notary is quick, efficient, and thorough so their services are reliable.

What do you need to bring?

As mentioned before, clients need to establish their identity before a notary can legally assist them. Bring a valid and current government issued ID with you during this visit. The notary will examine your ID carefully to confirm your identity before stamping the document.
Some paperwork requires more than one witness and in some cases, the notary can’t act as a witness. Calling in advance to determine if you need a third-party witness for the task is a good idea. We can make arrangements to ensure the document is properly notarized based on your requirements.

Contact Eagle Shipping Center today or visit our location we'll be happy to help.